11 Month Warranty Inspections Bettendorf

An 11-month warranty inspection is an inspection where you can find the home’s defects while owning the home. It is a detailed evaluation of your new home’s interior and exterior areas, including the major components in it. Basically, this new home inspection in Bettendorf is conducted during your occupancy’s 11th month before the building warranty expires.

Many new homeowners wait until the last minute to claim the warranty. The problem here is most of the problems become unnoticed for months. By that time, you are on your own to repair it. As such, it escalates the cost more than the price before if you had discovered the issue within the 11 month period.

Spending out a lot even after you’ve purchased the new home would be the last thing on your mind. Why not schedule an 11-month warranty for new home inspections at Bettenhoff now?

what you will find in 11month warranty inspections?

As we mentioned earlier, you need to utilize the 11 home warranty inspections as thoroughly as possible. With our talented new home inspector at Bettendorf, you can get the following services.

  • Foundation and crawl spaces.
  • Doors and windows.
  • Walls, ceilings, and floors (including the drywall).
  • Electrical panel and outlets.
  • Attic joists and insulation.
  • Heating and air conditioning.
  • Roofs, fascia, and soffits.
  • Gutters and downspouts.
  • Plumbing and ventilation system.

Even Though each home warranty is different, these are some of the common elements. Based on your needs, your inspection may include other features like sloping, uneven sidewalks, and drainage.

Perform an 11th Month Warranty Inspection

With so many options available in the market, choosing one for your home inspection can be baffling. If you are going through the same dilemma, you have landed at the right place.

Our inspectors and staff are completely insured and certified so you do not have to worry about any damage charges and leave the safety to us. Our inspectors have top-notch training in using technologies like thermal imaging and air quality testing, to help you find hidden problems like mold, sewer-related problems, hidden water damage, and a lot more.

We provide an 11 month warranty inspections in Bettendorf. If you find any issues or problems in the inspected property that is not mentioned in the report, you can reach out to us and we will do the needful. We have earned maximum customer satisfaction and highest ratings with our flawless service for many years.



A builder's warranty inspection is an in-depth inspection process of your newly constructed home that you plan to undergo before the warranty expires. If any issues, problems, or faults are discovered in your newly constructed property after the warranty period, it becomes the responsibility of the homeowner to fix it up and pay for it.

We strongly recommend getting your home inspection done by professionals before the builder’s warranty expires. If you encounter any issues in the property or surrounding areas after the warranty expires, or if anything goes wrong, you will have to own the charges for fixing them up. And we know how expensive it can get!

Our home inspections are completely affordable and we do charge you extra for overtime. As we know precautions are better and affordable than cure. So schedule our inspection service now and get a free estimate of the cost.

Our home inspection services are available now in quad cities which include Davenport and Bettendorf Iowa, and Rock Island, Moline, and East Moline in northwestern Illinois, and many other cities.



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